Using Pop Up Display Units to Add Point Of Sale Functionality

Point of Purchase pop displays are becoming more popular all the time. These devices allow customers to make purchases at the place of their choice without having to go through a cashier or linger around the checkout area waiting for their turn to pay with a check or credit card. In today’s society, we want things fast and easy, and a pop up screen is a great way to make a sale on something that takes a few minutes.

pop display

A point-of-purchase display is not used just at stores but can be used in restaurants and even airports as well. If your business offers something that is used frequently, like a camera, it can be useful to have a pop up display located in the checkout area. The customer can see it and then choose if they want to buy it or not. This is especially helpful in an airport because there is nothing else they can do while they wait for their connecting flight.

There are many different types of pop up display devices that can be used in most retail stores. However, most people think of them as being a lot like the mini-shop. There is usually a countertop unit that hangs from the ceiling. It will have a printed advertisement for the product or service that you are selling. It will also display the item that is for sale.

Some vendors want their retail stores to look more full and inviting, so they put in a pop display unit where the consumer will be tempted to look closer. They could have one displayed next to the cashier, next to a magazine rack, or next to an attractive display case. This type of attention to a particular product will cause the consumer to make a longer purchase. In the long run, a higher profit margin will be achieved.

Pop up displays can be used in any retail store location. The best way to place these is in the middle of the aisle. You could even place them along the racks or along the aisles. Many of them come with an array of mounting options including tilting, lifting, hanging, and rotating. If you are using a fixed unit, the pop up version can be positioned right above the items that are on display, or over the checkout counter.

Many of the pop up displays that are sold today also include options for POS displays. This option enables the pop up display to be used for adding a point-of-sale device to it. POS readers, electronic machines that are attached to carts or slates, are all suitable locations for POS displays. When customers make purchasing decisions, the machines can detect these and direct the customers towards the appropriate product. It is up to the merchant whether or not they would like to place these displays near the checkout counters.

Pop up displays are also a great option for displaying promotional items. These items are designed to quickly attract attention and get people into your store. A popular promotional item might be a coffee cup warmer that is placed throughout the store. You can also use pop up displays as an opportunity to have one or more of these promotional items displayed at every location.

Regardless of whether you choose to install a pop up display unit throughout your store, or if you choose to use it as an additional POS reader or as a stand alone unit, you will discover that it is easy to use. These pop up displays provide a high level of visibility for your business. They are easy to install, move around, and use in a variety of store locations. If you want your pop up display to be the feature that brings customers in, rather than the attraction that draws them out, it is a good choice.

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